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Forging products is a common product in the production of life, it is also a certain degree of guarantee the development of many industries. Forging is the use of metal material as raw material, it is also greatly improved the physical properties of the metal, more conducive to the use of people, but in the casting forging is to pay attention to what matters, now I give you a detailed introduction.

you must first forgings production standards in accordance with the requirements to operate, the use of casting factory tools to carefully check in conformity with the requirements of the safety in production of the products, it is strictly prohibited to use crack die or auxiliary tools. But when I plant the forging factory,Want to listen to the leader of the unified command, the hammer to the password, the password should be loud, the staff should work closely with. Forging or fetal membranes should always be placed in the center part of the anvil, hammer head to tap, then again heavily hit, so you can avoid forging or sparks resulting in the wounding. Punching, to avoid the knife chop on the oil to wipe clean, the knife chop must take positive, to effectively avoid the fly out of the punch direction not to stand on.
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