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In order to spread the forging process
Forging is an object that is applied to the metal material, and then by means of a machine that shapes the shape or the standard of the user's requirements. Now, before the pressure from the realized hammer. Along with the progress of science and technology, mechanical equipment can be produced according to the process to produce its products, and the current forging process into the fine particles can be produced, and improved the physical properties of the metal. Make its current forgings have more excellent properties, and in the actual use of the spare parts, more assured and safe. And along with the rapid development of high and new technology,Forging specifications are more standard than before. Before the forging process is manual review, often appear some flaws, but with the development of science and technology. At present, it has by the equipment replaced the manual review, makes the product qualified rate is greatly increased. Let us use in the future more practical, rest assured.
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