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China's machinery manufacturing industry is a drag on the economy
Affected by the inherent industrial structure, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises also occupy a large proportion of Shandong listing Corporation. This industry is engaged in the production of oil equipment Jerry shares to 420000000 yuan net profit to lead the entire industry. From Qingdao Hanhe cable shares to 2.85 billion yuan followed, also from Qingdao engaged in steel structure of the production of East Tower to 2.6 billion yuan ranked third.

comparison report found that over the past year the poor performance of the overall economic situation of Shandong Province machinery and equipment manufacturing industry as a real economy an important part of caused certain effect, the industry, many of the performance of listed companies as a whole declined.Although the industry ranked second, but Hanlan shares net profit year-on-year decline 29.03%, net profit before ten Weichai heavy machinery fell 12.8%, Shandong Molong is 39% year-on-year decline. The reciprocal of the oil economy industry with a loss of 96560000 yuan, an increase of -673.8%. It is also shown that the Shandong Province to machinery and equipment manufacturing is to support the industry structure must further optimization, in order to enhance the ability to respond to market risk.
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